T-1 …….. and counting

We woke up this morning and opened the blinds to a glorious day.  It bodes well for the start of our adventure!  Oh yes, have we mentioned, we moved into Kaya on the driveway 2 days ago?  It means that we can get the house sorted for Aiden & Lucy to take over this weekend.  Everything is washed, ironed, pressed and dusted ready for them.  Kaya’s mods and changes have been completed and, my word, we have learnt a lot over the passed couple of weeks.  We can now talk confidently of weight uprates, solar panels, solar controllers, lithium batteries, tyres, wheels, suspension & springs…..and how it all fits in and works. 

Along with that, all the admin bits and pieces like vehicle insurance, travel insurance & renewed driver’s licenses are also finally starting to come together…….and not before time!  It feels like we’ve climbed mountains and fallen off the other side at times, but at last, it’s all starting to clear.  In particular, the (interminable) arguments with our representative at our motorhome insurance still looms large in our minds.  All we wanted was an extension to our Moroccan Green Card. It turned out to be a personality clash of sorts.  Now, I can be bolshy and just a teeny bit forceful at times (I know, you wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t told you!!) but this time, I’m in the clear.  By the time I got to my second 45 minute discussion with her, even the gorgeous Mr T wanted to rip *her* head off and couldn’t believe how calm I managed to stay.  After still yet another frustrating call last week (a week between and NOTHING done!), I sent in an email complaint. And we finally (with HUGE sighs of relief) got a wonderful young man allocated to us yesterday morning, the green card was sorted in 30 minutes and all costs waived because of the hassle we had had from them!!!  We finally have a validity period for Morocco from 15 October to 1 March and although we won’t be staying for more than our visa period of 90 days, it means that we now have a wider window of opportunity to go.  And the even better news, it arrived this morning so all is well in the land of vehicle insurance.

It’s been a really busy week but we have managed to fit in a final visit to NHS Blood in Heywood to donate a pint before leaving.  Even Moosette managed to pluck up the courage to do her bit. 

Having a lie down before doing a donation Getting ready Oh my word, it’s done #SaveALife

We’re a little lighter by 500gr but stressed has turned our efforts to remain carb free into a train crash and we have cancelled that 500gr out (several times over!!!).  After this weekend, we’ll be back on the wagon, as well as aiming to get back into walking, cycling and getting ourselves fit and healthy again.  Quite frankly, we can’t wait….we just don’t have the spare energy to do it right now.

Early night tonight, some final packing of fresh food tomorrow and we’re hoping to set off at around 10 or 11am. 

Please keep in touch and chat to you soon xxx with love from us both


  • Wendy Royston

    5 September , 2019 at 21:17 Reply

    Safe travels will be thinking of you both. Stay safe and if you cant be good becareful.x

    • JanR

      5 September , 2019 at 21:19 Reply

      Thanks, Wendy xxx Will keep in touch. Love to everyone

  • Jane Jones

    6 September , 2019 at 05:36 Reply

    Glad you are all set. Has your driving licence arrived yet Jan?

    • JanR

      6 September , 2019 at 08:24 Reply

      Thanks, Jane xxx Nope, not yet but the plan is in place to get it as soon as it arrives. *crosses fingers*

  • Samm

    6 September , 2019 at 16:08 Reply

    Have a great time exploring with lots of adventures 🥳 travel safe 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • JanR

      6 September , 2019 at 16:42 Reply

      Thanks xxx we’re at our first stop, the stress from this morning has gone, the sun is shining and we feel like we’re actually on our way!

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