Fuel in Europe (valid April-June 2022)

Please note, this information is only valid till 30 June 2022 for France but 30 September 2022 for Spain as they have extended the period for the 20c fuel discount for everyone.

Whilst travelling through Europe is becoming fairly astronomical with the price of fuel as it is, in our experience there is some relief to be had.


In France from 1 April 2022 – 30 June 2022, you will see a reduction of 18c off the price of fuel. This is available to all tourists as well. The price that you see at the pump has already had the discount per litre taken off. During this period we have paid an average of €1.83 per litre of diesel which equates to approx £1.56.


In Spain from 1 April 2022 – 30 September 2022, there is a 20c reduction on every litre of fuel. This is also available to tourists. However you need to ensure that you get this discount.

The price you see advertised on the big boards does NOT include the discount. Neither is the price you see on the pump. These 2 prices will be the same and will reflect the full retail price. However, if you pay away from the pump at an electronic cashier (machine) or inside the service station with a cashier, the 20c discount will automatically be deducted from each litre.

Please remember that if you pay directly at the pump, you may NOT get this discount although we have heard of poeple getting the discount. This happens when not choosing the maximum of €100 to fill but choosing less then the pump fills to your amount PLUS additional fuel that would equate to a 20c reduction – it can get quite complicated this way.

We are currently paying an average of €1.54 per litre of diesel (this includes the discount) which equates to approx £1.31.

To increase our chances of getting hold of cheap fuel, we are using 2 smartphone apps:

Essence&CO covers France & Spain

GasAll: Gas stations in Spain

GasAll es tu app para encontrar la gasolina más barata | Beta Móvil

Both are a little “buggy” so you just have to be patient with them but they are updated fairly regularly and we’d say are fairly accurate and up to date. But they have sometimes reflected incorrect prices and the prices can’t be guaranteed. Where we can we use a mixture of the 2 to confirm prices.

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