About Us

Here we are, 2 middle-aged wanna-be hippies and enthusiastic foodies and our itchy feet have struck again.  As luck would have it, we are able to take a break from work this year to hit the road for an extended trip.  This time for 6 months… and it was a single look between us that made the decision to take Kaya over to Europe & on to Morocco for a road trip.

As much as we love our lives in England, a space in time has arrived where we can take a long, deep breath…..aaaaand relax.  To slow down and slip into a simpler life where there is daytime and nightime, where we can stop for lunch and stay till Thursday, where the silky slip of fine sea sand between our toes and the lapping of crystal water can capture us for days and the lone cry of a seagull for hours.

Packing is done, insurances have been updated and we’re off.  First stop Calais, then turn left.

We’ll be keeping a diary of our experiences and would love to share this with you.  You may also notice the blog entries have more than their share of food – as unashamed foodies, we take huge pleasure in finding out out different food cultures and experiences, with a little sightseeing and relaxation as well, and hope you’ll enjoy them too.  Just click on BLOG above and dive in.  We’d love you to leave any comments – even just to say hi – at the end of each blog.

We may not be able to update our diary every day or even every week (depends on how laid back we’re feeling!) so if you want to keep up with the blog, simply use the Subscribe option on the right of the Blog page and we’ll automatically send you an email when a new blog is posted.

We hope you enjoy our trip with us.  See you in 2020 xxx

If you want to catch up with our previous trip down Africa in our Land Rover Defender, you can go to www.gapyear4x4.com to see how all this started.

Happy reading!


Meet the Team

“The Rovers”

The Driver

Intrepid driver, fixer of things, twitcher, hunter of alcohol, reluctant blogger & nerd of note.  AKA the gorgeous Mr T

The Passenger

Navigator, audio manager, forager of markets & food, blogger & writer of diary, financial organiser & wizard backseat driver

The Vehicle

Kaya, our beloved Bailey 730.  So named because the Zulu word for home or dwelling is “kaya” (and the letters in her registration make up the word!)


Our mascot & gentler cousin to Moose who has gone AWOL to lands unknown!  Friend to everyone, piss-cat of note & always the last to leave a party