Day 87-88 : Crossing to & arriving in Crete

We’ve got to say that it is probably far easier to fly over to Crete than to go by ferry….without an 8.5m motorhome, that is….but it may have been a tad expensive to send Kaya in the cargo hold of an EasyJet flight!!!!  (Easyjet are not the only commerical flights available, there are other companies blah blah blah….Devil)

Once we’d made the decision to go to Crete, we left Delphi and drove directly to Pireaus for our sailing that night.  There is loads of parking available at the port so we dropped Kaya into a spot conveniently close to the ferry in the cooling shade of a massive tree and opened all the vents to try and catch any breeze that may have been blowing off the water but no, the air was completely still and the 30degC temperature a little stifling inside.  Both fans were switched on and positioned strategically on the gorgeous Mr T as he put earplugs in and buried his head under a pillow in an attempt to block out the city traffic noise to try and have a bit of a rest – the 4 hour drive had been uneventful but that sort of distance is always a bit draining for him.

20 minutes later (he is a fabulous cat napper!) we were up and ready for some lunch.  Of course the fish market is now at the opposite end of the ferry port, some 1.5km away but hunger can be a great motivator!  So off we went.  We always look out for a fresh market in a city as some of the finest restaurants and best meals we have had come from these areas.  I mean, all the best produce is right on their doorsteps!

The ouzeri that we stumbled into was fantastic.  It has been run by the same family for over 3 generations.  It started out as a meat wholesaler in Grandad’s day but when Dad took over he branched out and started selling meze with ouzo and that is how it stands today.  In it’s heyday it had been a hangout for Greek celebrities so the walls of the ouzeri are covered in photos of actors, famous people and Dad with actors and famous people.  Now it is run by the daughters with the same concept of freshly prepared food from the market with a fanatical local following…and the best kept secret in Athens!

Suitably replete we staggered off for a coffee and the 1.5km walk back to Kaya but this time we really needed it to try and walk off a soutzoukakia or 2!

What we love about motorhoming #3124 : We can shower, wash our hair and change ready for an overnight trek on the ferry.

By 7pm we had driven on and parked Kaya up.  With airline chairs for the trip over, we went supplied with pillows, blankets, eye masks, noise reduction headphones & blowup foot rest – I mean, we went prepared! – but even so 8 hours in a semi-reclining position is not that comfortable and even with extra padding, my considerable rear was totally numb!

It passed, we managed.

By 6am on Sunday morning, we had docked and where driving away but with a uncomfortable night behind us and it being just about night time, we found the nearest Lidl carpark and pulled up for a rest to to wait for some daylight.  What we love about motorhoming #3125.

Next stop, Sisi on the north east coast for a few days R&R…..

Driving down the coast – just breathtaking!!

….and we never tire of the fabulous views from our bed through the back window.

OMG, folks, we’re in Crete!!!


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