Day 51-53 : Klimni, Otok Krk, Croatia

2 reasons to move on today:

  • No more spots available for camping
  • Weather has turned miserable

As you know we have been keeping a keen eye on weather and managing to just (only just!) stay ahead of the not-so-great weather.  With the clouds closing in and the wind howling, we kind of figured that it was time to move on.  Along with the fact that we only had our spot for 1 night and today the people who had reserved it were arriving, so move on we had to.

Have you ever seen cloud formations like this?  We haven’t…

Unfortunately it means missing out on being able to wander around Krk Town which has loads of people saying loads of good things about it, but as we’ve planned on coming back, it just gets added to the list of things to see next time.  The list is getting rather long now so I think it’s either a second AND third visit or 1 much longer one in the future. We can do that – happily!

So with the weather apps checked once again (we’ve discovered that tomorrow the weather on the north of the island is clearing) and our eye firmly on the skies, we set off in a deluge of note!  Wow, Croatia is certainly a land of 2 halves as far as the weather is concerned – one day the sun is shining, it’s 30oC+  and the next the heavens open and the winds howl and the thunder roars and the lightning cracks & flashes and it’s all pretty hectic and just a teeny bit scary!

One spot left in the camp in Klimni (we have to stop doing this!) and we’re grateful for being able to stop & rest.  The rain and wind can feel pretty relentless when you’re in a high-sided, thin-skinned vehicle with the aero-dynamics of a brick.

And as forecast, the next day the sun is shining with a few clouds scudding across the blue skies and all is good upon the land.  A walk it is then, to work out where we are and what’s around us.

Stopping for coffee. Oh, they have gin & tonic? 2.50 kuna for a tot (that’s 30p!) Well it’s after 2pm, it would be rude not to!

Seafood restaurants Thumbs up, great coffee Thumbs up, supermarkets Thumbs up, cheap but good wine Thumbs up (45 kuna or £5.20 for 5 litres of Croatian Graševina, oh so similar to our favourite Chenin Blanc and very, very drinkable), friendly folk Thumbs up, an ATM Thumbs up, the warm Adriatic to swim in Thumbs up, trees & bushes to forage Thumbs up & a calm bay to test the kayak Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

Guess we’ll stay for a few days then!

Did we mention that it is fig season here? The honeyed scent of which drifts everwhere you walk. We’ve landed in Croatia in the time of plenty and just at the right time for a great foraging season.  Figs, pomegranates, prickly pears, apples & grapes are all ripe for picking.

20170901_152943  20170901_153031

with wild rosemary, sage, marjoram and laurel trees growing everywhere (wild and planted) and all ready to be harvested.

20170901_152849  20170901_153254

Which to choose first????

Coffee, then wine, then a swim, then a kayak.  Maybe an afternoon snooze under the awning between the swim and the kayak.  Go on then.


So finally we manage to get our blowup kayak out and used.  Left paddle, right paddle, left paddle, right paddle.  Why are we going in circles???? Swap paddles (now the gorgeous Mr T has the little ones and I have the big ones) and finally we get going in a straight line.  We manage to get around to the next bay in Soline where the we stop off for a wallow in the mineral mud and end up looking rather fetching covered in sticky grey-green mud head to toe (and more! It gets everywhere, folks, and I mean EVERYWHERE!) with spiked hair and only the whites of our eyes visible!  Sorry, no photos as we didn’t want to risk our mobiles or camera in the kayak, but you get the picture I hope!  Note to self for future travels: a waterproof cover for our mobiles is essential.

Then a thorough rinse off (we were still finding mud 2 days later ) a leisurely paddle back to Klimni and our camp where, for the next couple of days, besides the usual routine of waking, swimming and snoozing, we delve into our treasure trove of foraged and bought goodies from our Croatian travels so far.

20170901_193040  20170901_19332220170901_190904  20170901_19353520170901_202554

Fresh deep purple aubergines grilled with olive oil & salt till caramelised, Kolan cheese from Otok Pag similar to parmesan and venison rague baked in the Cobb to make a glorious outdoor moussaka!

20170902_140125 20170902_140132

Fresh bread, Dalmatian pršut, ripe tomatoes in olive oil & garlic with some crisp chilled Graševina.

But we have to go!!!  So tomorrow after 3 glorious days, we make the decision to tear ourselves away from Klimni and move on.

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