Day 48-49 : Savudrija, Croatia

After leaving Postoyna Caves we couldn’t make our minds up whether to head for the Slovenian coast or the Croatian coast.  Left or right?  Right or left?  We were a little unsure about visiting the Istrian penisular in Croatia as we’d heard mixed reports about it. Left or right?  And suddenly the road made our minds up for us……and Croatia it was!  C’est la vie.  So it was “dober dan” (good bye), Slovenia and “dobar dan” (good day/hello), Croatia!


We made the crossing from Slovenia to Croatia via the usual EU road sign but this time there was also a police checkpoint.  We drove up, smiled and offered a local greeting along with our passports but with an equally polite smile we were waved on.  Behind us all the Italian registered vehicles were being stopped and searched.  Ah well, arrivedeci, see you later! and within 30 seconds we were clear and on our way to Savudrija in Istria.



Oh look!!! After 48 days (that’s 6 weeks, 5 days & 14.5hrs), 5309.55km, 600.81 litres of diesel….. we’ve glimpsed the sea!!!  We’ve been waiting for this, longing for it and now, at last, it’s here.

As we were travelling along to the campsite, we were reflecting on our journey so far……not just this one but the fact the tomorrow, 30 August at 11am, we would be married for 20 years.  We wanted to make it an anniversary to remember.  And Istria looks like it may well step up to the mark.  It has warm sea, it has sun, it has wine, it’s a foodie paradise with roadside fruit and veggie stands and as well, purveyors of summer truffles, wild asparagus, sheep’s cheese, honey, olive oil, dried chillies & Biska (a local herbal liquer, only found in Savudrija that knocks the socks off Jaegermeister!). As we are walking round the roadside stalls the rich, honeyed, warm scent of figs hangs in the warm air mixed with the undertones of wild rosemary, sage, marjoram bushes and laurel trees (bay leaves).

20170831_101634    20170831_101638                     20170831_101648        20170831_101655

BTW these fabulous tomatoes are 5kuna per kg – that’s 75p and you know my favourite saying: “Live’s too short to eat shit tomatoes”, well here in Croatia we have yet to see a single shit tomato!

We think we’ve landed in Paradise!

After visiting 3 or 4 stalls, with the gorgeous Mr T having to patiently stop every 2 or 3 kms, I finally give in and stop buying and we’re free to get on with our journey.

The campsite, when we arrive, is enormous but again doesn’t feel claustrophobic because there is so much space between everyone dotted about under the pine trees. Although the men are typically bolshy (as per all men, everywhere) and insist on directing the gorgeous Mr T despite me being there……excuse me, over here!!!!   grrrrrrr

“Look out, the roof!”, shouted harshly at me.  Me: Deathstar stare back at him.

As soon as we are set up, we’re into our costumes and floating about in the warm Adriatic.  Our tans are coming along quite nicely!  The last time we were this colour was after our trip down Africa.  And doesn’t the blue colour of the sky against the pines just draw you in?

20170830_154740        20170830_160253

It’s the 30 August.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 20 years, who’d’ve thunk???

And the day passes somnambulantly under the blue sky with the scent of pine in the air as we toast our time together in the setting sun.  Živjeli!!!

2017-08-30 19.32.41

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