Day 46-47 : Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

OMG, turn off that light!!!!!  We woke up to bright sunshine but terribly hungover and just a little babelaas bang (this is a South African saying when you have a hangover and you’re really, really jumpy!).  So when Garmin said it was 3.5 hours to Lake Bohinj (pronounce: Lake Boheen – drop the j) and Google Maps said it was 1.5 hours, guess which route we took???? Granny Garmin’s, that’s right.

Tolmin to Lake Bohinj

Please notice that Tolmin (the green arrow) and Lake Bohinj (green square) are really, really close… the crow flies.  With not 1 but 2 mountain passes and a valley to traverse.  Needless to say, we chose the “easy” route on the motorway.  I don’t think our tender constitutions could have handled any more stress than they were already under.

So after fried eggs on buttered toast, a frosty glass of freshly squeezed orange juice tinkling with ice and some long goodbyes with our new friends, we set off on our way to a gentler life to be had on the banks of Lake Bohinj.

2017-08-29 11.14.24

When we finally arrived after a slow, steady drive around the mountains, the campsite at the lake was heaving and not what we wanted.  We wanted quiet, we wanted peace, we wanted calm (like the picture above that we took a few days later in an early morning visit).  So off we went to a campsite about 6km away where our nearest neighbour was at least 20m away, where we had a river to swim in and where we had time to rest our very weary heads.

But as it was so hot, swimming gear on again and off to the river.  This time it’s 12oC and feels…..well, warm.  Isn’t it funny how your head works.  Yesterday 9oC and today when the river looks like it’s the same temperature, your head is already preparing you and, et voilà, that extra 3oC makes your head sing!  Weird!

We took out these days to really have a rest and recover from the festival.  We don’t bounce back like we used to – it’s an age related thing!  And for the next 2 days we have little to share except some pictures of food which we got by cycling 7kms up a mountain to a restaurant on the edge of the Triglav National Park and feeling the wind whistling in our ears again on the way down after a most fabulous lunch!


Couldn’t have said it better!


Cornmeal pudding with hazelnut pudding and crushed toasted hazelnuts


Homemade sheeps butter, sheeps cheese & pršut (air-dried ham) with toasted pinca (enriched bread like brioche)


Pike fillet fried in cornmeal served with saffron risotto


Pork loin with mustard gravy, štruklji (boiled strudel stuffed with cheese) & potato dumpings in a mushroom sauce & roast vegetables






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