Day 45 : Part II : Tolmin, Slovenia (MotörCity Blues Festival)

So, just in case you haven’t watched the video on the previous posting, here are some shots of the drive that we did over the mountains from Ljubljana to Tolmin.  It was spectacular!  But as someone who gets vertigo standing on a thick carpet, just a l-i-t-t-l-e stress (ok, a bit more than that!) mixed up with a whole lot of exhilaration.


On the road to the pass – totally unsuspecting of our journey ahead!


We thought this was the top of the pass……NO!  But aren’t the views just breathtakingly spectacular?


The road is just wide enough for us.


This is the village that is the real top of the pass.


Kaya is 2.412m or 7’11” wide

The gap is 2.6m or 8’5” wide

Disappointed smile


Many crazy hairpin bends

Tolmin, which is our destination for today, is situated on the southern rim of the Julian Alps, close to the border with Italy and is the largest settlement in the Upper Soča Valley (pronounce: Socha). It is located on a terrace above the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers, positioned beneath steep mountainous valleys (yes, we are now well aware of this!! Disappointed smile ).  MotörCity, which is where we are heading, is located right at the confluence of the 2 rivers.

As we exit the mountain pass, we’re greeted by the Soča River in all it’s glory.  So clear you can see the river bed but looking at it at an angle, the water is a deep emerald green and why it’s also commonly known as “The Emerald Beauty”.  The colour is created by teeeny tiny particles from limestone that are suspended in the water.


And finally we arrive at MotörCity where we’re greeted and welcomed with open arms – of course we can camp over for the night as long as we give them a tour of Kaya inside as they are fascinated by her.  We discover that MotörCity is a venue normally frequented by bikers (who are very big in Slovenia) so Kaya is a real curiosity for a time.  But finally we have our bracelets and Kaya has her badge and away we bounce off onto the campsite.  We’re amongst a few non-bikers there but as is the way with bikers of this world, we’re welcomed in with a friendly chat and a beer – totally warranted to steady the nerves!


And as you can see, the day is roasting so we pootle off in our swimming gear in the knowledge that an outside bar and some rivers await.

Did you know that the Soča & Tolminska Rivers maintain a fairly constant temperature throughout the year?  Did you know that this temperature is between 7o and 9o C Surprised smile – nope, neither did we till we got in.  Did you know that when you get into water of that temperature that it’s so cold that your joints ache, your skin burns and when you finally dip under the water that the only sound that can be uttered is aaaarrrrggggghhhhh!  We managed to have a swim and then back to the bank for a beer and a warm up in the +30o day.  Rock on!!!





Ok, I have a burning question at this stage……. why is it that I can’t do something as easy as taking a good selfie?????  It’s so middle aged this picture…… and so unflattering.  I mean, not even a comparison…..even a bloody cat can do a better job!!!!!!


And then it was time to get ready for the show.  #Moose had his black bandana on, we had our Jameson and ice water in our flasks and off we went.  What a fantastic night.  We met some amazing people: Slovenes, Austrians, Germans, French and a great night was had by all.

The lineup: Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, Henrik Freischlander Band & Matt Schofield – none of whom we knew, all of whom we thoroughly enjoyed.


#Moose photobombing the warmup


#Moose getting into the mood



#Moose getting to know the band


#Moose getting to know a laaady!



#Moose later on…….


#Moose MUCH later on Hot smile



#Moose has lost his bandana (and a bit more!!)


This just about sums it up for us


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