Day 45 : Part I : The drive to Tolmin, Slovenia (MotörCity Blues Festival)

Woke up very excited this morning!  Time for the Blues Festival.  Checked emailed ….still no response from them.  Ah, who cares, we’re going anyway and will sort it when we get there.

We put “Tolmin” as the destination in Garmin and Google Maps and, as per usual, an argument ensues.  Oh, for goodness sake, we’ll go the Google route as it’s 2 hours shorter and use Garmin to warn us of an impending size issues like narrow roads.  We’ve been here before, we’ll be ok.

We’re laughing about that decision now but if you have 5 minutes to watch the video as seen and recorded by our dashcam, see for yourself what happened.  It was, indeed, 2 hours shorter but this 35 minutes (cut down to 5 minutes, if you have the time!) seemed to last for those extra 2 hours!!!!

  • I’ll apologise now for the “ropey” cutting of the video – I was teaching myself as I was doing it
  • Sorry about the 1 or 2 second blackouts in a few spots, but the video does come back
  • It may be better viewed in full screen to make reading the titles easier
  • If you turn up your sound you’ll be able to hear our commentary
  • Sorry about the swearing!!


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