Day 25: Germany, Creglingen – Bad Waldsee

RouteCreglingen – Bad Waldsee, Germany
Route Details
Overnight stop 47.914501, 9.760310
Overnight Costs£10
(stellplatz, all services, good mobile signal,
discount at spa showing receipt)
Diesel / litre €1.229
Exchange rate 1.13

On our last but one visit to Germany in 2017, we had loved our visit to Bad Durkheim with the thermal baths and salt-works so we opted to pop into Bad Waldsee for a similar reason.

The stellplatz is part of the thermal baths complex and just what we wanted. By the time we had arrived at lunchtime we were lucky enough to find one of the last spots and by 2pm the 20 place stellplatz was full. Motorhomes have continued to stream in and drive around hoping for a place but everyone is clinging on to their little patch. Just €10 for the night with all services and so very clean, quiet, neat and plenty of space for each motorhome that we have decided to hole up here for a few days to allow the forecast weather of thunderstorms and high winds on Wednesday to pass over us.

Yesterday we had popped into Ludwigsberg on the way down to Creglingen from Neustadt hoping to spend the day there as they celebrated the pumpkin festival but when we arrived, the town was packed and the stellplatz over subscribed so we had opted to just carry on down to Creglingen, our next stop.

A pumpkin roundabout

It’s autumn here in Germany (as it is everywhere else in the northern hemisphere!) but it is a particularly important time of the year here, when the harvest is brought in and there are hundreds of celebrations and festivals happening all over the place. The Germans love a good knees-up! Well, pumpkins are a big part of the celebrations (see Ludgwigsberg above) and as we were driving down today we were passing roadside stalls and honesty boxes with loads and loads of pumpkins for sale. We spotted one of the stalls with a boere pumpkin on sale so stopped in to haul it in to Kaya (after we had paid, of course!). I have processed most of it this evening and we now have pumpkin mash (possibly use some of this for some pumpkin ravioli and burnt sage butter), roast pumpkin (for a roast pumpkin, goat’s cheese and pumpkin seed salad), 2 meals of roast pumpkin soup and a fresh piece left over because I ran out of inspiration. We have at least 5 meals worth and some to spare. Along with the gem squash, I think we’ll be all squashed out by next week! Perhaps…..

Yesterday, when we had been looking for a place to stay today and we’d come across Bad Waldsee, we had noticed that the Hymer museum was here and so decided to pop in for a visit. The Hymer real estate is vast and covers acres and acres of space for their manufacturing plant, offices and museum – it’s like a whole suburb of it’s own. Anyway, the museum – you’d have thought that they’d want to use this as a marketing tool and encourage visitors to browse around the museum in the hope of one day switching visitors to Hymer brand – but when we arrived and realised that it was going to cost us €25 to visit, we figured that we’d prefer to spend that on something a bit more interesting, so we opted out. We had parked up in the parking place which we believe you can stay in overnight for free but, in fairness, we had not spent money on a visit so we opted to move on to the stellplatz.

Turns out this was a really good move, as the stellplatz is about a 10 minute walk from town and close to all the amenities.

We have spent the day today wandering around the lake, exploring the town and popping into various meat emporia buying up bits and pieces of porky products mostly in the shape of sausages which are now residing in the fridge waiting for the appropriate moment. We, of course, alternated this with stopping for a milchkaffee and a snack.

The zweibelkuchen (onion tart studded with smoked bacon bits) in the local Swabian Bakery was to die for and the sweet nusseschneke (nut snail) that the gorgeous Mr T ordered paled into insignificance (except for it’s name!!!) next to the savoury tart.

Supper has been a slightly, shall we say, eclectic meal of a bowl of mashed buttered pumpkin (had to start eating it!), followed by a slice of buttered dinkel bread (dark spelt bread) from the Swabian Bakery and a weisswurst (white sausage) each which is poached and peeled before eating, dipped in mustard and served with a sweet pickled gherkin. We skipped the pints of beer that should be consumed with weisswurst as we’re still giving our livers a rest from Saturday night in Neustadt!.


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