Day 26-27: Germany, Bad Waldsee

Day 26 Tuesday

We’ve woken up to a glorious day!!!

Whatever happened to the forecast clouds and rain??? Just an observation, definitely not moaning!

Ah well, I guess this calls for an outing….so shopping it is. Trusty steeds unlocked from the bike rack and off we flew down the road, up a hill and to the local shopping outlet.

From here things get a bit boring as we spend a few hours shopping,

Although this was interesting… a fresh bread dispenser.

buying bread rolls for our next meal and having an obligatory (now!) slice of leberkase and a cup of milchkaffee for breakfast.  Then flying back home with the gorgeous Mr T’s ninja stick clutched between his legs – a broom handle so that he can cut it and prop up my grocery shelves that have taken on a wonky list. I think I need to refrain from any more heavy cans!

We set the table outside in the sunshine and had our bunny chows whilst soaking up the rays.

Bunny chows are another throwback to our South African lives and are hollowed out bread receptacles (usually 1/2 loaf of white “government” bread but in this case a white bread roll) filled with curry and gravy. In this case, some left over lamb curry with, would you be surprised to hear, some chunks of roasted pumpkin (!!), and topped with sambals freshly made by the gorgeous Mr T. 

I think I’m fast using up my cooking credits. Note to Self: will ensure cooking credits are topped up tonight!

The afternoon spent in the sun blogging, doing accounts and alternating with a bit of reading.

Some of us napped.

Hmmmm, I wonder who that could have been?

Day 27 Wednesday

During the night the rain arrived. And, boy, did it arrive. It announced itself at 2am this morning by banging on Kaya’s roof and insisting that we woke up to greet it. And the rest of the day it has continued thus.

What to do in the rain? Well, what else but get wet. So we trotted off to the thermal spa across the road (well, we are in a thermal spa town!) and did just that. Showing our stellplatz receipt meant that we got a discount (we like that!) and we timed it so that our 2 hours included a hot shower and time for me to dry my hair with their hair dryer. Chalk up 2 scores for that!

The spa is just amazing. So clean and so well maintained. It is actually a spar retreat with in-patient and out-patient physio access, electric chair lifts into and out of the water and supported by amazing clinical and non-clinical staff. To make it profitable the spa also allows use by the general public for a fee.

The water in the pool indoors is a warm(ish)/cool(ish) 25degC and it feeds into an outside pool running at 34degC through a plastic curtain that reminds me of a goods entrance! Both pools have fountains, sprayers, whirlpools, jacuzzis and various blow and suck water actions that massage, jiggle and generally work on joints and muscles to leave you feeling relaxed and terribly pampered. Our enjoyment wasn’t even affected by the pelting rain which felt cold and prickly falling on heads & shoulders whilst we were floating around in the outside pool. In true German fashion everyone chose a position and then as the action slowed down and started up again, moved onto the next one to allow everyone to experience all the actions in turn. #GermanOrderlinessAppeals

I had to be extremely careful when taking photos to ensure that all privacy was preserved – everyone was watching me with a very beady eye to make sure no rules were broken.

It was that, or they just thought the English very strange wanting to take pictures of a swimming pool!


  • Christine

    7 October , 2019 at 14:16 Reply

    I had a row when I took a photo. Germans don’t like you breaking rules. We were spoilt with the spas and when in Hungary we used them lots and benefited from them. It’s a pity there aren’t many in UK

    • JanR

      7 October , 2019 at 16:51 Reply

      Yes, wouldn’t it be great to have some similar spas at home. Along with some stellplatzs… and the beer… Oh, and Trev says, and the smoked meat and sausages!
      PS Hope Gogs is over his biofreeze episode 😁

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