Day 24: Germany, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse – Creglingen

RouteNeustadt – Creglingen, Germany
Route Details
Overnight stopCamping Romantische Strasse
Overnight Costs£19.70
(Edge mobile signal, camp WIFI for €1/day)
Diesel / litre €1.229
Exchange rate 1.13

Eish, we should know by now not to put too much faith into reviews. We fancied a few days downtime and to catch up on the usual chores, so opted for an ACSI site south of us and about a third of the way down to Austria. Lauded as “exceptional, luxury and hospitable with indoor pool and next to a river”, turned out to be a very standard, not very luxurious, not very hospitable campsite next to a river…although it did have an indoor pool. So by 6pm we had decided that we’d rather be in a stellplatz for less money and we’d catch up on chores another time. Like I’ve said before….fickle! LOL

The best thing about our stay – our supper. A savoury cauliflower rice seasoned with Ras Al Hanout with manoush flavoured lamb patties served with a garlic & coriander yoghurt dressing and some of our precious gem squash, dabbed generously with farm-style butter and covered with a healthy helping of freshly ground pepper.

Flavours of the Middle East that we love and that we are slowly working our way towards in Morocco.

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