Day 20 : Hausach, Germany

A second day in Bad Durkheim was brought to an abrupt halt when we discovered that the Turkish Baths that we were going to visit (for a bit of hot and cold water therapy and a beating with some leaves & branches Angry smile) was closed today. So instead we packed up and got back on the road again towards our next intermediate stop, on the way to Lake Constance at the junction of southern Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Nothing much to report here, other than sun in the morning, clouds and rain in the afternoon and having a swim in the local outdoor baths again (chlorinated pee this time!).  We had a fantastic shower in the bathroom (we were parked up in their car park having a free but totally official, wild camp) and I was finally able to blow dry my hair for the first time in a couple of days.  Did you know that reading glasses make a fabulous alice band with un-blow-dried hair?  Note to self: buy some alice bands or summat, things are getting desperate!!!!

20170801_200124Oh, and another fabulous supper.  This time at a Bayerisch restaurant (this is a very regional restaurant with regional food) where Ouma was cooking in the kitchen, Oupa was doddering around spilling more wine than he was pouring and son was maitre d’, sommeliere and host….with not a word of English to be heard between them.  But, after several beers our translation skills magically improved, we managed to successfully decipher the menu and ended up with plate-fulls of luverliness!!!  Maultachen (vegetarian rolled sort-of large ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese – never, ever, EVER to be called pasta or ravioli in this region!) topped with fried onions, and what else, but pork loin for the gorgeous Mr T and some really tasty salads.

20170801_193748   20170801_193803   20170801_193527

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