Day 12: UK, Gorran

Visit to Mevagissey

And I was just saying that summer was over and what we would do to have some sun, and it has arrived back with us again for a final burst!  Hallelujah!

We had planned to spend that day in the campsite doing laundry, admin & blogging, but instead we packed up to move. Not to do a midnight flit, I hasten to add. But during the night we had suicidal snails flinging themselves out of the tree above us onto Kaya’s roof. Which in the middle of the night sounds like a bomb going off…ok, maybe not a bomb but a really loud noise that wakes you up from a deep sleep into a sweaty mess with adrenaline racing around your body and feeling like your heart has already started running out the door!

When the gorgeous Mr T checked this morning, there were dead snail bodies littering Kaya’s roof between sheets of bird shit and bits of tree. One was NOT amused…. So off we went to the camp reception or as Beth has nicknamed them “The Basil Fawlty school of Customer Service” to see if we could get Grumpy to help us again.

*rings reception doorbell*

…with the gorgeous Mr T counting down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” and on cue the upstairs window swings open, we’re expecting Grumpy and out pops Snow White “Gooooood morning, such a beautiful day, I’ll be down in a sec”. Little bluebirds tweeted and flowers spontaneously popped their heads out of the ground. We were hysterical!!

Much deliberation later (remember the campsite is nowhere near full with just some long term residents and there are about 50 spots free!!!)…..but once we had suggested a downgrade and a refund, a spot was found for us and we were allowed to move to an equivalent pitch. No refund forthcoming. Bluebirds dropped out of the sky.

We shared a lunch of bread hotdogs and crisps with Beth & Lee and after a bit of discussion, arm twisting and persuasion, we decided to forego laundry and admin and instead join them for a stroll around Megavissey instead. Who am I kidding? We’re just fickle really… why do boring stuff when the sun is out, the sky is blue and a picturesque Cornish harbour village beckons?

I think I have mentioned before that driving on Cornish roads is a bit hairy? If not, I’ll say it again….driving on Cornish roads is a bit hairy. The roads are in some cases 1 car wide, with 2 cars always trying to squeeze passed each other or even trying to squeeze a car passed a massive tractor. So the drive into Mevagissey, how to describe this? Bloody scary!! But once we were down there, the view is just beautiful.

We spent several hours walking around the harbour in the afternoon sun, taking loads of pictures, licking Cornish ice creams and chatting. Oh, and a hour meandering through the local museum to learn that Andrew Pears from Mevagissey was the creator of Pears soap in 1789.

There you go, no day wasted. You can thank me later.

Supper that night at Beth & Lee’s. Nom nom!!!

On the way out of Mevagissey, I decided to do a bit of shopping and chose the local greengrocers (we are firm supporters of supporting local businesses) to spend our hard earned cash. We have all been noticing more and more how bad tempered the Cornish are. This isn’t just me. I’ve said this before – perhaps it’s been a really long, hard season for them with the tourist and it’s left them feeling underwhelmed when faced with yet more tourists at the tail end of the season. Anyway, we put it down to that.

So in I walk to the shop, ask if they take card. “Yes”, she says, looking sternly at me over her round rimless glasses. I duly collect about £25 of local produce – cheese, cream, fresh eggs, local bacon, local bread and put them on the counter. In the meantime she has made a phone call to place her order of veggies for the next day. So I wait……and I wait … and I wait for her to finish. About 1/2 way down her page with another 20 or so items to read out and all the while studiously ignoring me standing there waiting, she asks the person on the other end to hold and turns to me

“You’ll have to wait while I’m off my call, I have to use my phone for a card”. 

My response was to leave all the items on the counter and walk out and to take my custom elsewhere. Another shop got my money.

As we drove out the carpark to come back to the campsite, a seagull flew down and deposited itself in front of the car refusing to move to allow us to pass. Finally, dragging it’s proverbial heels, and with a last dump on the road to show it’s displeasure, it reluctantly flew off.

“Look,” says Lee, “even the seagulls are grumpy!”

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