Day 11: UK, Gorran

Visit to Boscastle

We woke up to a grey, cloudy and mizzly day again.  A theme is sort of setting in now.  Sigh, it seems like summer is over.  Oh, what we wouldn’t do for some sun….

So as not to dwell too deeply on the miserable weather, on the cards was a visit to Boscastle about an hours drive up to the north west coast of Cornwall.   This is the place that became famous (infamous?) on the Beeb when on 16th August 2004, the flood waters swept through the village devastating lives and businesses.  The enduring images in my mind are of helicopters hovering over rooftops hoisting people to safety as the dirty, wild, frightening flood waters roared beneath.

Where ever you stand in Boscastle you can see and re-visit in your mind the terrible scenes we saw and the awful things that the residents must have experienced.

But it should always be remembered that the rescue efforts were valiant, the community pulled together and, despite the ferocity of the floods, no-one lost their lives.

Lunch was at the quaint Cobweb Inn – proper pub grub of pies and chips, hamburgers and warming gammon steaks were on the menu along with a couple of pints of deliciously creamy, dark, local, Cornish, hand-pulled guest ales. 

The gorgeous Mr T and I walked our lunches off around the harbour, braving the whipping wind and rain along the narrow eastern harbour walkway

and then sheltered inside for cup of tea while Beth & Lee went in to visit the witches museum. There’s another definite theme in Boscastle with some strange and “witchy” type shops dotted about along with the museum.

We met up afterwards for a Cornish ice cream ……

and another walk down the western side of the harbour to the cliff ends (of for gawd’s sake, Mr T, come away from the edge!!!) and I stretched my new camera with a few arty shots of quay stays, rocks and a Cornish long boat.

As we were leaving Boscastle to walk up the hill to the car, we passed by the visitors centre and the siren call of a cream tea was singing in our ears.  Time for a real one this time!

Yes, it definitely IS jam first THEN clotted cream!

So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’m learning how to knit. With our 2nd grand baby on the way, I wanted to be able to make something for the little one seeing as we are going to be missing it’s arrival in early December. Also, I need to keep myself busy whilst the gorgeous Mr T is driving and we are listening to our audio books. Till now I have tended to browse t’internet, mostly Facebook or other social media, but I am really shutoff when I’m doing this and miss parts of the drive and some interesting things happening out there. I wanted to be able to occupy myself with something constructive but that I could also still be engaged with the gorgeous one and not miss out on the drive.

Beth, who is a total wizard at knitting, promised to teach me and to help get me on a bit further. So, knitting it is. When they arrived, Beth had prepared a whole gift bag for me with several balls of yarn, 6 different sets of needles, crochet hooks, a darning needle and patterns all in a fabulous stash bag (Thanks, Beth!!!). We spent the hour drive to Boscastle and back knitting. Well, Beth was knitting (a fabulous pair of socks, I might add),

whilst I was on a simple pair of booties. Turns out I was knitting a pair of driving booties for Mr T as I had chosen the wrong size needles!!! So all unravelled and rolled into a ball to start again on the way back and I am now the proud creator of an almost finished single new-born bootie that just needs a mate, 2 mittens, a hat and a cardigan.

I’ll keep you posted, as I eat this elephant 1 bite at a time!!

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