Day 73 : Ioannina, Greece

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that count and all it takes is a cup of Greek coffee to make you feel grounded and happy.


It has been a bit of a drive around Ioannina today looking for somewhere to lay our heads down for a rest so that we can drive down to the coast tomorrow.  We arrived at the campsite and were less than impressed, so pulled up Park4Night app to see if there were any wild camps available.  Ioannina is built up around a lake, so of course there were.  The ones next to the campsite on the lake front surrounded by people, shops and restaurants didn’t appeal.  So off round the lake to a spot next to a monastery with great views.  Mmmm not for us and our 3.85t and 7.65m length up that very steep and winding, narrow road despite the great views.

We carried on driving round the lake and started coming back into civilsation with a parking on the left, free for the night with a fabulous view of the lake and a gentle stroll to a taverna and some shops.  I think this’ll do nicely thanks.


After a rest, a shower, a short stroll over to the taverna for an early supper (early for Greece, it was by now 8:30pm!!), an obligatory souvlaki (lamb not available – aarrrgghhh will have to wait some more!), tzatziki and a few glasses of wine, we were ready for bed to sleep off the long day’s drive.

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