Day 55: Spain, Delta de L’Ebre – Castellon de la Plana

RouteDelta de L’Ebre – Castellon de la Plana, Spain
Route Details
Overnight stop39.979802, 0.02248
Overnight Costs£0
(free aire, 4G mobile signal)
Diesel / litre €1.139
Exchange rate 1.15

With the sun still shining, we headed off ever southwards again towards Cartagena with a stop in Castellon de la Plana for an overnight break provided free of charge by the municipality of Castellon in the form of an aire specifically set up for motorhomes.

5 stars to them for forward thinking!

Castellon is the home of the Concatedral de Santa Maria but, for us, more importantly, the Parq de Meridiano where we could take our photos on the conjunction of the Greenwich Meridian and 40º north.

We have sets of photos that we like to collect to commemorate our travels. You might have noticed that where ever we are, I take pics of the gorgeous one drinking from various water fountains

Here he is again!

but we also have also started a mini collection of photos taken on various line of longitude and latitude, so this suited us perfectly.

After the cheapest menu del dia ever (only €9 each), and this includes all wine/beer, water & bread

we set off back to Kaya along a newly asphalted road (the gorgeous Mr T “I’m not standing off to a bulldozer again!” – remind us one day to tell you about the mysterious road we found in Sudan on our Top Gear Challenge!)

took a long walk along the very empty beach

and set about planning our journey to our next stop just 30 minutes north of Cartagena for a 1 week mini-break from our travels.

Chores to do, laundry to clean and important stuff like lying in the sun.

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