Day 53-54: Spain, Sant Hipolat de Voltrega – Delta de L’Ebre

RouteSant Hipolat de Voltrega – Delta de L’Ebre
Route Details
Overnight stopCamping L’Ampolla (ACSI)
Overnight Costs£18.90
(all services, good mobile signal)
Diesel / litre £1.139 (hooray!)
Exchange rate 1.15

We took advantage of the grey weather to do a long drive today down to Delta de L’Ebre, passing through Manresa, the centre of Catalonia and passed Monserrat – although a little clouded in, still pretty spectacular.

2 days passed at a forgettable campsite. We came here for the gorgeous Mr T to do some bird watching but even the flamingos had abandoned the delta following all the rain.

It was definitely not an uneventful stay though because this is where Moosette went missing …….or I lost her.  We had got back to Kaya after watching the sunrise and were having our coffee.  I took one last picture of her and, poof, she disappeared into thin air.  On holiday?  Did she fall out the front door?  Was she abducted?  I’m guilt-ridden about her.

If you ever need a reminder of love, then just watch a sunrise or a sunset – these were spectacular!



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