Day 26 : Landau, Germany

Yawn, not much to say here…oh yes, on the way to Landau we finally managed to find a piece of Schwarzewaldekirschkuchen (or Black Forest cake to you and me) but it left us a little underwhelmed.  I think we should have had this when we were in the Black Forest but try as we might, it eluded us.  Oh, and the other thing to mention, this is LANDAU not LINDAU which was 2 stops ago on Lake Constance, this is a town near to the Czech Republic border.

Wayhey, we’re on our way!!!!


We almost lost the young lad out the window when he saw this! Caught him by his disappearing leg! #Moose


Camped in a car park…not bad for not having to pay.



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