Day 16-18 : Frankfurt am Main, Germany

20170728_092554Did you know that Friedburg, Germany was the army home of Elvis Presley?  No, neither did we.  We decided to stay off piste today and wander slowly down to Frankfurt and we are constantly amazed at the little gems that we stumble upon.



Whilst waiting for Jeorg to get home from work, we stopped off to do a little shopping and a little cooking.  Between the gorgeous Mr T driving from supermarket car park to supermarket car park (strictly only 1 hour parking allowed in each), I was preparing dinner – 20170707_201617chicken souvla, not wanting to waste, crispy chicken scratchings from the skin from the legs (used for the souvla), dolmades from leaves harvested in Trier before we left (cooked and vacuum sealed – yes, I confess, brought it with me!) and appropriate accompaniments. Talk about dinner on the move!



And finally we got to their house and all was good.

The weekend was jam packed with hugs, laughter, “remember when..”s, food, beer tasting, wine tasting, swapping recipes, eating a memorable Swabian meal of spaetzle (Swabian sort of noodles but not!), Linsen (lentils) and Saitenwuerschtle (smoked sausages) prepared by Anja, Anja teaching me how to prepare the meal (Supper Club, here we come!), Emil being such a sharp little button and realising that we spoke a different language and then starting to teach us how to say words in German!!!, having a picnic in the park under glorious sunshine, touring a Hessian village in the mountains, buying local sausages, cured meat and fabulously fresh eggs from a farm just across the road, going for a walk around the local farms and being stung by a wasp under my arm (ooooowwwwww it burns!!!!), seeing our first red squirrel in their garden (WOW!!), an Eichhörnchen (oak little horns – isn’t German so descriptive!!), realising that I was right as a child and that mechano and Barbies DO go together,

and learning that even though we have a wonderful, exciting tour through Europe ahead of us, that leaving such good friends makes you cry.

20170730_192050 20170730_191909
20170730_102451 20170730_103520 20170729_174218




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