Day 124 – 127: Spain, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Day 124 – 126

I have to confess that there is not much to chat about for these next days.  They are mostly spent in the sun, wandering along the beach, the usual admin type jobs, laundry all interspersed with some glorious food.  I may have mentioned this before but Spanish food ranks as some of our absolute favourite.

But something exciting did happen……

Day 127

We got up late this morning. We really need to address this and get up a bit earlier so that we don’t feel like we’re wasting a day. It’s Flamenco night so we have something to prepare for!

As we prepare our bikes and head off to the port and La Jara. We had spotted the advert for Los Bohigo’s performance tonight and are very excited! It’s a very local bar, attended by, what we can see, are only local Spanish but they shift around happily and find some extra chairs to make a space for us at a table sharing with them.

The music starts and from the very beginning the guitarist is the star of the show with the singer taking second place. I’m totally fascinated by the guitarist’s skill and can’t stop watching. The beat enters your head and takes over your body as feet tap to the beat and all hands clap from a beat in a place that suddenly appears from a place you never knew you had. Unquestionably fantastic, wonderful, mesmeric and amazing.

For the last 2 hours we’ve been enthralled by the music. But from the side of the stage the waitress appears as she is taken up by the music and takes to the stage in dance. The soulful sound of the singer, the stamping of feet and feverish rhythmical clapping. This is flamenco. And it is beyond all expectation.

At the end after several rousing encores, they finish and to my surprise, the guitarist comes down to have a chat to us.

OMG I think I’m a bit in love #MoveOverMr T …..just for a bit

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