Day 123 Spain, El Puerto de Santa Maria


We’re celebrating our re-entry to Spain with a seafood lunch. With it being Epiphany, we’re really not sure which (if any) restaurants will be open, but a cycle into town will sort that out.

Sunnies on along with jumpers. It’s really hot in the sun without a breeze but for some reason, in the shade a breeze picks up, freezes the sun out and the temperatures drop to an uncomfortable level.

So we’re off on our e-bikes and on reaching town, we’re really surprised to find that most restaurants are indeed open. Go figure. But it seems that most Spanish don’t want to be tied to an oven for their “christmas day” but to rather spend their precious time with the families. #MindBlown #JustTheWayItShouldBe

We had spotted the restaurant last night whilst standing on the route of the 3 Kings Parade. Today, large tables had been set outside in the sun filled with families, clinking glasses, loud chatting, laughing, glasses of cold beer, tinto de verano and red and white wine, children instead of running around are driving around on their new gifts of motorised motorbikes and cars which seems to be this year’s gift of choice.

There’s a free table in amongst all the large ones and , with proper English restraint, go in and ask if we can take it. The response, a large laugh and “If it’s got no-one on, take it, if it has someone on, ask if you can share!!!!”

Crisp, cold white wine, fish, fish and more fish with plate fulls of chilled salad make for a memorable meal over the next 2 hours. Lunch is served rather slowly as the crowds at the restaurant swell ever more and more tables and chairs are pressed into service and service slows down to a crawl. A little more chilled white wine passes the time.

Is RUI (Riding Under the Influence) a thing in Spain? We truly hope not!

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