Loveless Creamed Corn


6 cupsSweetcorn, freshly shucked & cut off cobs or frozen
40gr / 2 tblSugar, white granulated
1 tspSalt
3 tblButter, real fresh
3 tblButter, real fresh
125gr / 1/2 cupDouble cream


Place corn, sugar and salt into pot, cover with water and boil for 5-6 minutes till tender. Drain.

Place 4 cups (2/3 of total quantity) back onto stove over very low heat with butter, stir and allow to warm

Place 2 cups of corn (1/3 of total quantity) into blender with 3 tbl butter and blend adding cream as it blends

Add blended corn into whole kernels and turn heat up a little.

Stir constantly for a few minutes and allow to thicken.

Season with more butter, salt and/or sugar to taste.

This can be made with either fresh or frozen corn and is really good with either but I prefer the slight bit of extra crispiness of the fresh corn.

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