Day 67: Spain, Cartagena

We got up to a very gloomy day with the wind whipping around us again and the clouds low and menacing in the sky. Rain? Well, it turns out not, but still it looked like it was going to.

We set off back to Cartagena and it must just have been one of those days. We started to bicker and snipe at each other. This turned into an argument, which ended up in a shouting match. Which lasted till we got back to the aire. We parked up hardly talking to each other except when we absolutely needed to and then it was more of a snap than a chat!

We had been planning to go into Cartagena for some sightseeing but as both the weather and we were unsettled (and it turns out, all attractions are closed on Mondays) by mutual acceptance, we got ourselves tucked up into Kaya at opposite ends of the lounge and as far away as we could manage (which is all of 1 metre!). We spent the rest of the afternoon quietly wrapped up in our individual things to do on our mobiles/laptops.

After living together in the very close confines of a tin can 7.5m x 2.4m, 24 hours a day for 67 days running, little pressures naturally start to build . A good argument clears the air.

As the sun sets and we’re both feeling a little calmer, we sit down and talk it through.

Our clock re-sets ready to resume our adventures tomorrow.

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