Day 64: Spain, Cartagena

We’re parked up in Cartegena in a little aire that Irene and Tony have recommended to us. I think though that before I go on, I need to introduce them both. They used to live in England but now, both retired, spend their time between Spain and France. They are, what we know as, “really good people”. Friendly, welcoming, warm-hearted folk who you’re more than happy to share space with (and hope, at the end, the feeling is mutual!).

We had met them last year in France. It’s a bit of a long story, so I’ll give you a few minutes to grab a brew & a few biscuits and put your feet up for a read.

We have a friend called Jane (also a motorhome owner), who we met at gym in a spinning class many moons ago. This is the really important bit and should be preceded by a bit of trumpet blowing (which we can now thankfully hear!): Jane is famously the instigator/founder of Moose & Moosette (I know, I should be grovelling & backing away throwing sand on my head!!!). Anyway, Jane and Irene met at work and have been friends for ages. Last year 2018, Jane was going to be in France with Christine (Chris) at Irene and Tony’s whilst they were away. We were going to be passing through on our trip and suggest it’ll be a great idea to stop in and visit. Are you still there? With us so far?

Somehow while making arrangements a day went missing, as days do sometimes when you’ve been on the road for a bit, and we arrived a day earlier than Jane & Chris. I Whatsapp Jane in a panic, “We’ll hang around on the aire in the village just before Irene & Tony’s place and see you tomorrow”. Jane: “Don’t be ridiculous, Irene & Tony are lovely. Go and introduce yourselves and stay there!”. Well, it seemed like a sensible solution, so we, 2 strangers, rock up at Irene & Tony’s place, knock on the door, introduce ourselves as Jane’s friends and there we are being entertained & welcomed in with open arms.

Chance meetings.

Fast forward and we all meet up again on Pudding Island earlier this year and arrange to pop in and see Irene and Tony on our way passed them to Morocco. And at last, the timelines converge.

It’s November, we’re on our way to Morocco and here we are in Cartagena visiting Irene & Tony.

So, as a way to introduce us and welcome us here, Irene arranges for us to meet the gang. And here we all are having a “light” lunch. Irene & Tony, Ray & Margaret, Celia & Bill, Kaye & David

It never fails to bring about a warm glow. Good people, really good people. Chance meetings.

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