Day 62: Spain, Mar Menor, Los Alcazares – Cartagena

RouteMar Menor, Los Alcazares – Catagena, Spain
Route Details
Overnight stopArea Autocaravanas
37.653599, -1.00333
Overnight Costs€12
(All services, free wifi, good mobile signal)
Diesel / litre €1.139
Exchange rate 1.15

The sun was shining in the azure blue sky and as we lay in bed together, Kaya was rocking and rolling on her bonking bars. Now, I think I need to clarify that it is NOT what you might be thinking! We are both reading a new book that I downloaded yesterday called Fat Chance by Nick Spalding. There we were, having a serene, gentle lie in this morning, that rapidly turned into crying and snorting with laughter. I got to a stage where I was howling and couldn’t breathe – the funniest read we’ve had in AGES!

Finally we managed to tear ourselves away because it was time to pack everything away and move on to meet up with Irene & Tony in Cartegena. We had what we now term as a “Sully”. This goes back to the days travelling overland in our Land Rover, Sully, where every single item had a place (this is absolutely necessary when travelling for 2 years in a small vehicle). But as soon as you stop, things explode out of their place (so you can use stuff!!) but it takes absolutely ages to pack everything away again. Our German friends, Anja & Joerg, that we travelled with in Africa can attest to this. They used to pack up in about 20minutes, then spend the next 1.5 hours tapping their proverbial feet whilst we fastidiously packed all our shit away. Only, in Kaya, we have a lot more shit.

Fast forward 3 hours, which included a good 30 minutes of fighting with our new mozzie tent as we tried to take it down – now designated as a parasail in the brisk morning breeze – and another 30 minutes for a leisurely breakfast – never ones to rush a good meal! But we finally did it, everything neatly stowed away and we set our course for Cartagena.

Our new stop here is as far removed from Mar Menor as ….. a South African accent is from an Australian (!!). No sea to be seen, no glorious views or skies bright orange with sunset, but in the an industrial part of town with high fences and lots of security . Oh my gawd, I can’t tell you how lovely and calm and quiet it is!!!! Not a plane engine to be heard anywhere. We’re welcomed on site by Teresa as she pushes aside my very British handshake and pulls me in for a hug and a kiss, “You are friends of Irenie, you are family, we kiss”. Our hearts warmed immediately.

Teresa gets us settled and gives us all the information that we needs for the aire, the town, Cartagena, the best places to buy food and all festivities that are on for the next few days. We’re looking forward to going into town tomorrow for the weekly street market and Friday night is the start of the 3-day Medieval festival.

Let the games begin!

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