Day 61: Spain, Mar Menor, Los Alcazares

We had a bit more to occupy our minds today as the (anti)mosquito tent has arrived.

There were trumpets playing and drums rolling …. but Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooowwwwwwww YOU WOUldn’t have picked them up over the noise of the planes.

The tent is rather large. I think we may have over-egged this juuuuuuuust a little. But hey-ho, if it works, we care not! I think I may just carry on handsewing the handmade mozzie net because there just might be an occasion that we can’t use what we now fondly call The Pavilion.

30 minutes after starting to put it up, we hadn’t got divorced, although it did get a bit tents tense for a few minutes (har-har-har-har). But a fabulously healthy & tasty breakfast of overnight soaked oats & sultanas with fresh, chopped banana & apple was the perfect prescription.

The gorgeous Mr T spent the rest of the afternoon swatting off flies and perfecting it by adding some reinforced eyelets on the bottom skirt so those could be pegged in.

I have been kept busy making sugar bean curry. In fairness to the gorgeous Mr T, who believes that chicken is a vegetable (!!!), there were a few bits of beef short rib in for flavour and for a chew. It would have been anarchy had I not included the beef because last night was meat-free Monday and supper was a really gorgeous Trofie alla Genovese.

Once the tent was up and he was happy, we popped ourselves inside, along with the table, chairs, footstools, mosquito coil burning in a very cute filigree tin that I found, ice cold soda stream coke and our bowls of curry. The temperature has taken a bit of a slide today – that’s relative, though, because it just means that it’s gone from 21degC at night to 19degC. But the tent works like a charm. We love sitting outside and this will allow us to do that and more. At 7:30pm the less hardy of us (me!) slipped on a thin cardi but I still had shorts on. The gorgeous Mr T succumbed about half an hour later. But it meant that we were able to stay outside till 9pm before we decided that we were in need of a warm shower to take the cool edge off.

In the meantime, we have loads to do, friends to catch up with and a medieval festival to enjoy.

For now, adios amigos x

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