Day 6-7: UK, Newquay

Overnight stopTrenance Holiday Park
Overnight Costs£27.30
(super pitch, good mobile signal)
Distance walked
5km+5km (D6&7)
Diesel / litre £1.257 (Asda)
Exchange rate

We woke up today with the sound of rain falling on Kaya and, snuggled up together under the duvet, opened the rooflight blind above our bed to watch rain splattering onto the window above us.  Reason to travel #3

What to do?  With a fairly miserable day outside, we decided that we would road test our washing machine.  Now, this little beastie was bought for Gary when he went to Uni and came back to us to sit in the loft for 8 years staring at us accusingly every time we went near it.  The gorgeous Mr T kept threatening to give it away, me resisting because one day we’d find a use for it. 

So, with our higher payload in Kaya we decided that we could

a) fit a baby washing machine in Kaya’s garage

b) had the payload to carry the 10kgs extra

c) had better things to do with the money that we had, on previous trips, spent on doing laundry

d) had better things to do with our time than sitting in a laundry watching clothes dry

e) and as with all things before they are considered to be useful to join us on a trip, had to have more than 2 purposes.  The washing machine is also now our laundry basket. So we decided to bring it.

And on it’s first outing proved useful.  Even though it can only take small loads, the spinner dries the clothes to a point that we can hang them inside or out without them being too damp and they dry in a couple of hours. Result!  Note: we know we are getting a little older when we get excited about a miniature washing machine and drying clothes!!!

By 5pm we were feeling like we needed a walk and in the spirit of getting fitter and healthier, we donned our anoraks and off we trotted into town not letting the mizzle stop us.  By the time we reached Flounders (the local fish & chip shop with the now famous mushy pea fritter! Fit & Healthy firmly dispatched…), we were wet and in need of something hot to eat and drink.

One large haddock (aka Jonah & The Whale!) and chips, a pea fritter (now a requirement), a pickled onion, a battered sausage and a buttered barm/teacake/bread roll (please strikeout those not applicable!!) to share and we were off.

Please note the diet coke in the background, because we wouldn’t want to get fat or anything…..  (??)

But half an hour later we still had the barm, half a pickled onion, some fish, some chips and half a pea fritter left and not a single bit of room to fit them in.  Dear god, they serve them big here in Newquay! 

The walk back to Kaya though helped to ease some space and use up some of the gazillion calories that we had just imbibed.  I think we must have taken in more calories than our brain could cope with because on the walk back (yes, it was dusk, yes, our brains were blissed out on greasy fish & chips) but we swear that as we passed a house, lights blazing in the front room, we saw a statue of a mountain gorilla in it.  We stared, we walked back and forth, we photographed it, we zoomed in and photographed it again and again and then decided that we probably needed to move on before we were arrested for loitering with intent.  But it continued to puzzle us for the rest of the night trying to figure out why someone would have a statue of a mountain gorilla in their front room? 

We were to solve this mystery the next evening… 

Back at Kaya the wet rain had stopped and cleared enough to allow us to sit and watch a gorgeous sunset, hands wrapped around a warming mug of tea.

Day 7 dawned on Thursday with grey skies and clouds but by noon, everything had changed leaving clear blue skies and a fabulously warming sun. 

As we had walked back to Kaya last night, we had spotted a restaurant that we wanted to check out, Barracrudas Atlantic.  We loved the idea of a menu of raw, cured fish served in a variety of ways, Pacific Mexican style.  It sounded quite eclectic, and it truly was.  I can’t say enough that restaurants like this need our support.  Something different, run by people who care, a very “surfer”, chilled out zone with fabulous music, amazing food, great drinks and very special service.

A shared small portion of Barracrudas Ceviche to start was sublime, with a flavour profile that just blew us away – based on cured octopus and cooked and raw tiger prawns in their signature sauce.  Angels sang and cherubs played harps!!!!  Truly, folks, if you’re ever in Newquay, do yourself a favour and do NOT miss this.  Oh, and make sure you order a large portion to share or a small portion each!!!

Diarise it, write it on your hand, tie a string around your finger but please don’t forget.

Yellow Submarine Aguachiles to share for next course and the intense heat of habanero peppers and pineapple were lovely ….. but I think at this stage that ceviche had been so strikingly good, that anything, was going to pale a little playing second fiddle.

Mains was a shared grilled seabass with jasmine rice and tenderstem broccoli with miso.  And herein lies another absolute gem.  The miso is breathtakingly good.  We’re into fermented food and this shows real skill – they have sourced an exceptional supplier and anything on the menu with miso, we’d grab with both hands.  (Oooops, sorry forgot the “before” photo!)

And so, replete and with our taste buds dancing, still chilling on the atmosphere of the restaurant, a few Mojitos and an inexpensive but really good bottle of vino blanco, we wandered back to Kaya.

Oh yes, and that mountain gorilla from the previous night? Turned out to be a digital walking machine.  What a difference 24 hours makes!!!!!

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