Day 57-58: Spain, Mar Menor, Los Alcazares

Day 57

I’m on the job!!!

Our Spanish neighbours have moved in next to us and the solution to us being able to sit outside free of flying creatures, free of flies in the day, free of tag-teamed mosquitoes at night has appeared, free, free, freeeeeeeeeeeee, I say….. sorry, back to the story ! So there we were with the morning breeze doing it’s best to disrupt our neighbours and thwarting the pitching of their tents, when the gorgeous Mr T offers to help. The next minute (accompanied by choirs of angels) out came their kitchen tent big enough for 8 people with zipped-in mosquito net sides allowing them to sit outside unmolested!

That there is our solution! Chalk another triumph up for our Spanish breathren.

So with the gorgeous one now pre-occupied with helping said neighbours, with a bit of fiddling, I found a very similar one on the Spanish Amazon website, signed in with my UK login (I didn’t know you could do that!!!! I just took a chance….) and with a bit of help from the charming camp manager, Alonso, had it ordered, paid for and shipped to him for a guaranteed delivery of next Tuesday. Ain’t technology grand!

Done & dusted. I could breathe a BIG sigh of relief. Now….. what to do with the half-finished mosquito arena sitting in its packet in Kaya? …….Oh look, it’s supper time and it’s Friday, so it’s Steak Night. Bitoc for supper then? Followed by a cup of steaming rooibos tea made from the kettle boiled on the fire.

Not even a anti-mozzie net tent weighing only 8kg allowing us to spend unlimited time outdoors with friends could beat that!

Day 58

England vs South Africa,
Webb Ellis Trophy
Rugby World Cup 2019

We’ve been eeking out our data allowance so that we can watch this match. Throughout the series we’ve been keeping track of the scores and watching to see who would be playing in the finals. And for us it’s a win-win as England takes on the might of South Africa. No arguments in our house motorhome over who supports who ….because we’re equally happy whoever wins.

And what a match! South Africa took the trophy beating us 32-12. South Africa had the heart, they had a plan, they had the motivation, and on the day, they had (more than) the edge to beat England. We were a little crestfallen that we had been beaten but it had been done by the most deserving team. Go Bokke!

With the game tucked away and 3Gb of our data eliminated (Note to self: ITVHub chooses the stream definition for you based on your bandwidth that it sees. So if it’s 4G+ like ours was, it pushes down an HD stream. If anyone works out how to throttle this back to an SD stream, please send instructions on a postcard. Thanks) we set off for a little retail therapy in town.

Cycling through the mud flats and along the promenade, the storm devastation is instantly visible but it certainly doesn’t seem to have affected tourism too much.

Riding through town we glimpse our first view of Full English Breakfasts, creperies and English Pubs taking over Spanish tapas bars and local eateries.

But it serves a purpose as we head for the Mercadona to get some seafood. If I haven’t said it before, Mercadona supermarkets have a spectacular fresh seafood counter in every city and town and well worth a visit.

Our visit this time brought us 8 large prawns and a Lubina (Wolf of the Sea) which I have since discovered following a bit of research is a Sea Bass that is found only in this area of the Med. It is a game fish, fattier than the Sea Bass that we get at home and, at only €6.95 per kilo, less than half the price. It was perfect on the braai.

So starting with braaied prawns, smelling of the sea and fresh ozone, served with homemade allioli and ending with the Lubina stuffed with coriander and lemon braaied to perfection by the gorgeous Mr T, served simply with a fresh rice salad tossed with chopped coriander and the rest of the allioli, it was a feast fit for a king. Oh, and not forgetting a soupcon of cold, crisp rose wine.


And as a final note on our food for the day… and a little riddle thrown in to boot.

When is a pie not a pie? When it’s an empanada….Sold as a Carne Empanada (Meat Pie). Biting through light, crispy, delicious pastry, we were expecting meat…..don’t be fooled. Although it contains meat, it also has fish, boiled egg, tomato, chourizo and a bit of minced meat. Not the finest hour in Spanish cuisine in our opinion. I think we may have just found something that we’re not so keen on!

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