Day 52: Spain, L’Estartit – Sant Hipolat de Voltrega

RouteL’Estartit – Sant Hipolat de Voltrega, Spain
Route Details
Overnight stop42.0176, 2.24536
Overnight Costs£0
Diesel / litre £1.229
Exchange rate 1.15

All good things must come to an end… or, at the very least, a natural pause.

As much as we didn’t want to leave, we woke up to a gloomy sea mist having settled on us overnight, and it was time for us to go.

Steve and Gillian needed to stay overnight in the campsite to sort out their motorhome’s errant starter battery and we need to head further south as we have plans to meet up with friends in Murcia and, being the fickle sort, want to head for the sun again.

With hugs and kisses all round and solemn promises to meet up again one day on the road, we set Google for Sant Hipolat de Voltrega, a small village belying it’s very grand name, for a free night’s camping and a Spanish Sunday lunch. (Recipe included for Patates d’Olot)

Camping €0, Lunch €15, Patates d’Olot, priceless!!

Our stop for the night

Sunrise the next day. We have been blessed with some spectacular displays & colours whilst in Spain. #NoFilters

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