Day 41-42: France, Pourrieres – Vias

RoutePourrieres – Vias, France
Route Details
Overnight stop43.2901, 3.4224
Beach Farrat
Overnight Costs€11
(all services, good mobile signal)
Exchange rate 1.16

Day 41

When we woke up the sun was still shining (hooray!) as we set off to our next stop. What we needed now was a bit of R&R listening to the sound of the sea, sitting in the sun and braaing some meat over a charcoal fire.

And that exactly what we got in Vias……weeeeell, sort of……

Arriving into Vias, the sun was shining, the sea glittering, the sand soft & silky but the resort completely shutdown. Shutters were pulled down tight and we wondered what we were going to be arriving to. But we had all the groceries that we needed, the aire turned out to be glorious, right next to the sea with fresh water, unlimited, free electricity and a place to dump grey water and toilet. All important considerations when travelling in a motorhome.


At 7pm just as we were sitting down to eat our braai, we looked around and knew instantly that the other motorhomers, not a single one sitting outside, knew something we didn’t. And suddenly we were under attack. From every angle, as the mozzies dive-bombed us and swept in in droves, as they launched separate attacks from different angles, always co-ordinated and always set to confuse so that 3 sneaked in under swatting, flailing arms as I tried desperately to fend them off.

5 more bites on my neck as that was the only thing exposed that had bleated a loud, hot pheromone message to the mozzies. Thank goodness I had started to get a bit chilly and had just pulled on my cardigan.

We dashed inside to finish supper.

The hot “sex toy” burny thing (Bite Away) introduced to us by Tracey (of Ian & Tracey) has been given new batteries and broken out of retirement.

1 more metre of stitching done.

Day 42

We woke up this morning after 10 hours of gentle, quiet sleep listening to the waves swishing on the beach, blue skies, warm sun…..and the gentle (!!??) rumble of a generator as the German bus masquerading as a motorhome parked up next to us, kicked in to support the air conditioner as it balanced their internal climate perfectly. Really????

Ah, yes, well I suppose to be fair it was 9:30am and they had waited.

Look!!! One of the motorhomes has gone and left a front sea view spot open (we could only find a 2nd row spot when we arrived yesterday, spending the rest of the day casting envious glances at those lucky enough to be on the front row). The gorgeous Mr T hurried outside to book it with our chairs just as the German motorhome (another one, not the one with the generator!) 2 spots down started his engine to nab the spot. We too can get one over with our proverbial towels!! Within 10minutes we have waved a fond (??) farewell to our generator-loving neighbours and hunkered down in our very own spot in front of the sea.

Mini-me is ceratinly getting her legs stretched as the gorgeous Mr T lit her up again. A real South African meal on the menu today. Homemade boerewors sausage on mielie meal (a white polenta type porridge) with a tomato & onion gravy (more a relish really but, hey, this is what it’s always been called). Delicious comfort food.

And we’ve wised up. This was for lunch so that we could sit outside with our meal and a glass of chilled white wine without the insane buzzing of a million revved up mosquitoes.

Checked tonight whilst we were showering and the afternoon in the sun is working its magic. I’m starting to toast a light brown….. Well, if I have to be honest, a bit more red than brown but if I squint in the right light, it’s brown. I’m leaving behind the pale mottled blue-white skin of our English summer at last!

No blogging done, 1 more metre stitched up.

Roof – done – 2m

Sides – done – 10m

Now to join it all together ….with the doors in the correct position. Wish me luck. 

Only 12 more metres to sew.

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