Day 30 : Teichhauser, Austria

I think perhaps I need to explain the picture for the last post.  Did you know (and we didn’t!!) that it is legal to grow hemp and marijuana in Austria as long as it used for scientific or medicinal purposes Alien ?? In Reingers we had seen pictures of the 5 fingered leaf everywhere and thought that maybe the town was just a bit freer and easier than most!  But as we exited this afternoon to move on, there were literally fields and fields of the stuff growing alongside the road. We were like “did we really just see that?” and so I didn’t even have time to get the camera out to snap a pic.

With such a late departure from Reingers, we decided that by 3:30pm we need to find a spot to park up for the night.  By the time we had found a stellplatz at a restaurant in Teichhauser, it was time for a late lunch and a beer, so off we tottered.

By time we came out 1.5 hours later, the sun had broken through the clouds and the day was gearing up to end extremely well.

20170811_180910So with the weather clearing and Kaya as Billy-no-mates on the site (no danger of crashing into any other Big Whites and causing an international incident!), the gorgeous Mr T finally cracked out his drone ( Winking smile no, there really IS a drone!!) to practise some manoeuvres.  With a bit of a stiff breeze the drone flight is a bit erratic and a tad more practice is required.  Even so, he’s getting the hang of it rather quickly.  I spent more time upside down on the grass than in the air Winking smile.





Finally the breeze just got too much for the drone (and for the gorgeous Mr T to handle) so we set about planning our trip into Vienna.  After a bit of research we suddenly discovered (and remembered….ain’t old age a bitch?) that the Lipizzaners were in Vienna.  Just in time! So having a printer to hand to print our tickets and a bit of spare dosh in our budget to spend on the cheap “seats” – standing in the aisles behind the front row – we were set for our next destination.

And then we suddenly discovered that although we wouldn’t need the GO box (automatically tolls you for using the motorways) as we were going to stick to A roads, instead, we were going to need an environment vignette for entering Vienna (and various other towns & cities, we discover).  OMG it’s like preparing for an exam as we try to find out from various sources what we need to travel in each country, how fast we can go, whether we need driving lights on or off or just in tunnels and at night, whether fire extinguishers, medical kits, triangles, high-viz jackets are compulsory or advisory.   Aaaarrggghh the lists are endless.  And then we find out that Monday is a public holiday in Austria so all businesses are probably closed on Saturday for the long weekend.   Ah well, looks like we’ll just have to keep trying till we find somewhere open.  Wish us luck!


  • gordon and janet

    25 August , 2017 at 13:40 Reply

    Where is all this hemp!! We too are in Austria enjoying all the sunshine instead of the littleborough rain. Glad you are enjoying the trip.
    Gordon and janet

    • JanR

      27 August , 2017 at 19:32 Reply

      LOL we saw the fields of it on Northern Austria. Where abouts are you travelling in Austria? It’s a gorgeous country – hope you’re enjoying it as much as we did. We definitely want to go back there although have to say that Vienna was a tad expensive – but I guess it’s a capital city so unavoidably pricey. Only have good words to say for Slovenia – it’s a definite to put on your itinerary – very alpine, very green, loads of sunshine, fantastic scenery, lovely people and relatively inexpensive (a beer is about €1.50 for a pint). Love to you both x

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