Day 142 – 146: Spain, Jerez de la Frontera – Castell de Ferro

It’s been a bit of a day today….but let me start at the beginning. We finally set off at, would you believe it, 9:40am approximately 10 minutes later than we had planned. *shocked face….not* with our heading of Fuengirola just to check if there was indeed any room at the proverbial inn.

First stop Camping Cabopino about 14km south of Fuengirola but within bus journey. 2 places left but both in dark shade and on the noisy main road roadside in a crowded and non-too salubrious campsite really did not appeal to us, so we politely turned it down and set off again. Heading: an aire attached to a restaurant, El Rengo, with pretty poor reviews but a 30 minute walk to Jane’s apartment. It seems that no-one is moving because of the rain and there are no spaces available and definitely no electric hookup (remember we need this now because of our solar panel departing this mortal coil in Morocco the day we left!). Sigh.

A quick council of war with the gorgeous Mr T and we set off again looking for somewhere within striking distance of Fuengirola – we really do want to try and catch up with Jane when she arrives next week.

Head for Torrox and Camping El Pino – eugh, not a chance.

Try the aire at the beach front and as the sun is starting to peep through the clouds, that too is full…until at least the end of February!!!

Clunk, clunk, clunk as we drive along the road. WTF is that? And then it was gone.

As we’re travelling along the coast road, let’s stop in at a private campsite, expensive but looks good. No sorry, all full up till the end of February. Ok, let’s head off to Motril area just below Granada as that’s our next stop. We’ll have to skip seeing Jane *sounds of very loud sobbing*.

Clunk, Clunk, CLUNK. Much louder now and it’s not going away. What it is? Where is it coming from? All very worrying. Is it the axle? We’ll stop in at the next Carrefour and buy some grease to grease the axle. Over several tall bridges trying to bleed the speed off but still trying to get there as quickly as we can.

Pull into Nerja but the Carrefour is a tiny express shop. Bugger! Clunk, clunk CLUNK CLUNK. Worse at a left hand turn. What IS it? Maybe a tyre? How could that be? Well let’s just stop and see… to find 5 bolts out of 6 loose (FUCK!) and only 1 bolt holding the tyre on ……….FUUUUUUUCK…………. with the thought of all the high, long bridges we have been crossing, the distance we’ve travelled (although not huge, long enough), freaking out at the thought of how close we have been to the edge….. feeling sick at the thought. We have had good spirits watching over us. And after several hard turns of the bolts, making sure they’re definitely secure and we’re on our way, not a clunk in sight.

Thank you all who were looking after us.

We’re setting a heading for Castell de Ferro for a well earned rest.  They have space.

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnndddd, relax.

It’s Saturday night and we need a drink, it’s been a scary day. So it’s off for an explore to find a restaurant. Castell de Ferro – a very Spanish town, where you need to speak Spanish, where each drink comes with a plate of tapa, where beer taps are frozen to prove that the beers are cold, where peanut snacks come with savoury jellied “sweets” *mind blown* and where a triple tot of Barcelo rum costs €2.50 and a night out on the town with supper and (too much) drink costs less than €30.

I think we might like it here!

Day 143: Spain, Castell de Ferro

A long lie in and we finally get up when the hot sun (HOOOOOORAY!) chases us out of Kaya.

Brunch, or is it lunch if it’s after 12 noon (??), at a local cafe on the beach sheltering in the shade (DOUBLE HOOOOORAY!) and watching the noisy, friendly, chaotic life of Castell de Ferro pass by.

Day 144-146: Spain, Castell de Ferro

I’m usually never at a loss for words, but as our time in Spain and on the road is drawing to a close (it’s been nearly 5 months now) and we are tending to just live a simple “normal” life with no sightseeing and very little entertaining, there is little to write about. Not sad, but true!

Instead I’ll post a wonderful recipe for paella that you might like to make.  A true Spanish sunshine dish…..and a few more photos of food.

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