Day 134 – 137: Spain, Jerez de la Frontera

Day 134

It’s really starting to cool down a little each day as the predicted Gota Fria is taking hold in Spain (it’s sort of like the Beast from the East that we have experienced at home). We’ll be re-living it for the fourth time whilst in Europe and I can tell you, it’s not much fun. Although while we were in Vias, France, and again in L’Estartit, Spain and we were only on the edge of it, it was still ferocious and just a little bit scary. Anyway, while it might be a bit chilly, the sun is still shining, so we are more than ok and all it means is that we have to wear our jumpers when we go out. In the aire that we are staying in, we are protected from the wind so we are still able to sit outside on our chairs and laze in the sun.

Before lazing in the sun, we have breakfast to forage. As it’s a Friday, the market is sure to be buzzing with all sorts of gorgeous things to eat. So we have prepared for a market picnic.

Backpack √
Knife √
Salt √
Small container of olive oil √
Serviettes (paper) √

We arrive in the busy town centre.  It’s the season for fresh snails, wild asparagus and wild greens ( a bit like bitter dandelion) and there are tables of displays from local foragers and growers outside the market hall.  I love the Spanish closeness to seasonality. 

The market inside is a riot of fresh produce, beautiful displays of gorgeous things to eat, traders shouting their prices, colours pop out at you, the smell of cured ham and aged cheese is rich in the air overlaid by the smell of fresh ozone from the fish counters.

There is an entire hall of fresh fish that has to be (mostly) sold every day. The Spanish are passionate about fish and our passion for fish has increased in leaps and bounds. The gorgeous Mr T has been dragged kicking and screaming to the “light” side of fishy fish *sharp intake of breath*. We were talking about this and 6 months ago, he wouldn’t have chosen to eat fish over meat never mind salted anchovies. He is a reformed man!!! Our relationship is safe!!! LOL

We wandered around the market filling our pack with all manner of titbits (along with some for later) and found us a spot in the plaza to spread out our feast and eat our Spanish brunch. The most surprising bit of our brunch, was that as any Spanish were walking passed us, we heard “buen provecho” repeated over and over. No shock at our impromptu picnic, no shaking heads of disapproval at us eating in public, just well wishes and hearty approval to enjoy our (very Spanish) food and the ritual of breaking bread together.

A quick cup of manchado at a local cafe and then our bikes to try and escape the dark clouds and rain fast approaching.

Day 135

The Gota Fria – Storm Gloria – has arrived during the night along with the rain…..Although it’s still warm outside we’re staying in today and catching up on the blog whilst binge seasoning Mind Hunter from Netflix on the campsite WiFi…..and finishing off our audio book that we’ve been listening to whilst driving (Trojan).

Day 136

Spent the day relaxing after a late sleep till 11am!!! Yes, even for me *gasps*

The sun has been out and the skies blue but the wind cutting and cold. By the afternoon, the clouds are starting to gather again and it’s starting to spit.


So we go back to the laptops and our fry up and switch Netflix on. We’re binge seasoning Mind Hunters. It’s keeping us gripped. Thankfully!

Day 137

It’s still raining, and I mean really grown up rain where it’s too hard to actually go outside.  In fact it’s raining so hard, it’s so loud that we can’t hear each other…..or, more importantly, the TV Series that we’re watching. 

Thank goodness for bluetooth speakers!

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