Day 119-120 Morocco, Ouarzazate

Day 119

Ouarzazate (Warzazate) is known for it being the door to the Sahara Desert but for us it will be our exit. However, before our exit, we have some things to see.

CLA Film Studios is where Games of Thrones (Season 3) was filmed along with other well known and less well known films from as far back as Lawrence of Arabia to The Mummy and to one of my favourites although lesser known, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. But we decided to forego a visit in favour of the abandoned Kasbah.

There wasn’t much to it but wandering through the myriad rooms of single building with windows overlooking the original Kasbah – no access into there unfortunately. But there was access to well manned and stocked mini art gallery with works produced by local artists and some mass manufactured items.

A few postcards later and we were on our way into the souk just across the road for a bit of shopping but with the constant hassle from traders and men looking to profit off tourists, I was getting irritated to beyond distraction so we soon left that behind. Although not before I managed to snap off a picture of a local cobbler working in the souk.

We were all yearning for a bit of fresh air and exercise so we had walked into town to the Kasbah earlier – it was just as lovely a walk back in the sunshine to the campsite and a stop at a local cafe for the obligatory nous-nous along the way.

Day 120

Despite being a holy day, we decided that another walk into town in the morning before everything closed for the day, was called for. We have been looking for a teapot in which to serve mint tea. I had rejected several options over several days in several shops because of their inflated price for what in essence was an alumium teapot – pretty but not worth the MAD250 price tag (we can get the same pots at home for just over £10).

So we entered what looked like a real tourist area of the souk selling all manner of pottery, leather goods and antiques. But amongst the tourist tat there were some really fascinating shops chockablock with all manner of household items recovered, supposedly, from families that had lived in the old Kasbah.

It was in one of these shops that I hit the jackpot. After some serious haggling with the shopkeeper and walking away a few times, I had finally reduced the price of a real silver teapot that the gorgeous one had spotted and liked, from MAD600 (€60) and we finally shook hands on a price of MAD120 (€12). Game, set and silver teapot.

Another walk back to the campsite and anther nous-nous passed some time. But it was coming to the moment when we were going to say good bye to Andrea & Paul.

Both braais were lit for the last time for our last meal. It had to be both braais to accommodate the 4 massive T-Bones that Andrea & Paul had bought when we were shopping in Boumalne Dades souk a few days ago. Served with fried eggs, bitoc sauce (a fiery Mozambique peri peri oil) and chips (’cause steak isn’t a proper steak without chips!!.

It was a last meal of note.

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