Day 116-117 Morocco, Boumalne Dades

Day 116

Nothing much more exciting than a peri-peri flattie on the braai before the sun went down.

Day 117

New Year’s Eve

It’s New Years Eve and time for a walk into the souk. Andrea’s on supper duty tonight and we are due for a slap up meal of tandoori chicken and accompaniments. A “bit of a shop” (I think we’ve heard that before somewhere!) is just what’s on the cards.

Not shopping for chickens today!

The sun is shining but as you know that temperatures drop at night so Andrea and Paul negotiate with a young lad on the campsite for some firewood and the gorgeous Mr T fires mini-me up. Andrea’s skipper for the day (she’s in charge!), Paul gets the chicken on the braai, jumpers and trackie pants on, delicious supper eaten,

wrapped in our warm blankets while we sit around the fire for as long as we can before the cold gets into us and we retreat inside for a G&T and a game of CAH. We went through the entire deck and laughed till we (almost) peed! and were in bed by 11pm. Go team!!!

Wishing you a joyful 2020 filled with love, adventure, prosperity & great memories. We’ll be thinking of you as we celebrated thousands of miles away but under the same sky xxx

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